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Nuzoo Robotics - technological projects and products
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Projects and products built looking to the future

We have been operating in the Milan area for many years and we have always made innovation our business philosophy for many customers in Lombardy and throughout Italy.

At our headquarters on the outskirts of Milan, we create IoT - Internet of Thinks - solutions for locating and tracking people and goods. We apply our skills in the industrial, logistics, advanced tertiary sector, personal services.

We are also specialized in the design and construction of service robots for the most diverse applications and to offer customers concrete solutions to solve problems related to their economic or social activity.

NuZoo Robotics has been operational since 2011 but the founder Ing. Stefano Avenia and the staff of engineers who work in the company together with the professionals involved in the operational projects, form a close-knit team with over 20 years of experience in the field.

This quality is attested to by important names of Italian entrepreneurs who have relied on and rely on NuZoo Robotics when it comes to creating complex applications in the IoT field or service robots with particularly advanced and innovative functions.

Nuzoo Robotics
Nuzoo Robotics: azione ed innovazione
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Nuzoo Robotics, robotica di servizio e soluzioni IoT

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We do our best in every situation

NuZoo Robotics is a company that makes innovation its business philosophy.
We are dedicated to technological projects and products to transform Customers' needs into real solutions in the field of automation and robotics.

We cooperate with

a series of customers developing industrial automation projects in Milan, throughout Italy, abroad. Over the years the number and size of customers have grown considerably, as well as the quality and complexity of the projects they have asked us to carry out.

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