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Robotic engineering projects and products. Innovative ideas are born in Milan that change the reality of many customers in Italy and abroad.

NuZoo Robotics - robotic engineering projects

It all began in 2011

NuZoo Robotics is an Italian SME strongly focused on innovation. It is a company that creates engineering projects and services and is able to transform Customers' needs into prototypes and concrete products, integrating research and development with the best available technologies and emerging technological standards.

The technical experience gained over time allows NuZoo to respond flexibly, quickly and punctually to customers' requests, helping them to realize innovative products and solutions. Creativity and experience in the company have also allowed, over time, to develop innovative ideas and translate them into NuZoo branded products or prototypes ready to be developed and put into production.

Technological enhancement of project ideas, realization of tests and prototypes, engineering consultancy in electronic, mechanical and software fields, are the activities that we daily carry out for our Customers.

NuZoo Robotics - working miniature robots

Our history is made of continuous research of novelties

The founder of NuZoo Robotics, Dr. Stefano Avenia, in 2006 has started the first private Italian company able to create an anthropomorphic robot with the ability to move up to 7 degrees of freedom.
In 2011 we realized an IoT system when this market was not yet so recognizable by the public and in 2012 was born the first video surveillance robot totally made in Italy.
From these projects were born specific business lines that, separately from the initial general project, are generating particular interest and economic returns.
Indoor localization: it is one of the technological applications that, at this moment, is finding a particular interest from the market. We are talking about the possibility to identify the position of an object or a person in a space not covered by GPS signal.
Our ITT solution responds perfectly to this need by offering results that, in terms of accuracy, have exceeded our own expectations.

NuZoo Robotics - working miniature robots

Experience in prototyping

Over the years, NuZoo Robotics has been able to provide Customers with a design and prototyping service for electronic, mechatronic, mechanical and robotic systems, offering a high technological content and innovation.

The more than 75 projects carried out to date have generated experience and expertise in different areas, allowing us to meet the demands coming from heterogeneous sectors: telecommunications, information technology, mechanical industry, industrial automation and robotics.

We provide an effective and efficient support, useful to guarantee a competitive time to market on each project. We develop electronic projects that, of course, include the development of firmware and ad hoc software. Prototyping, pre-series, identification and finding of the most suitable electronic mechanical components, product industrialization and technical support are part of our daily activity.

NuZoo Robotics - movements of miniature robots

How we can finance your projects

NuZoo Robotics, in order to support its research, has always successfully used the economic-financial incentives promoted by Regione Lombardia, Milan Chamber of Commerce or European Community. In these years we have always been able to use all the De Minimis available in an appropriate way, and this has allowed us to support the development of our company and our projects.

The direct experience, gained in competing in different regional and European calls for proposals, the knowledge of different structures in charge of the research of financing and, above all, the possibilities offered by an SME like NuZoo, allow us to support our customers in finding the best financial instrument to support the development of their projects. In some cases we were able to finance up to 100% of the value of the planned investment.

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