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A wide range of innovation engineering, technical and regulatory consulting services

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Since 2011, many companies have relied on our robot and IoT skills

Our staff is composed of experienced and qualified personnel and we offer innovative engineering services. For years we have been operating in support of companies and projects very different from each other and, in each situation, we combine the expertise gained so far with the most appropriate operational development logic.
We constantly work on projects, prototypes and products, both robots and IoT, to give our customers performance and quality over time.
Experience has taught us to respect the following phases always, to guarantee the best possible result, both technical and economic, for the benefit of our customers.


SAL1 - Technical analysis and feasibility study

This is the first activity we carry out, so as to have a reasonable confidence in the feasibility of the project, defining at the same time the work specifications, including methods, times and costs. It is a fundamental activity that, in all these years, has taught us to arrive at the best desired result in full serenity with the customer.
Our engineering services foresee a first part where we describe the technical-functional specifications of the future product/system to be realized in all its components, such as structure, control and power electronics, electromechanical components, operating temperatures, dimensions and weight.
Then we enter into the desired operation trying to place it in all possible scenarios. It is then deepened how everything will work on the user side, from power on to power off, as it will present any accompanying software or how you will do maintenance, trying to identify all the critical issues, especially those not yet emerged, in order to set the best design line that leaves nothing to chance.

It is then analyzed how the product/system will be realized, always keeping in mind the production numbers foreseen by the Customer that, obviously, influence understandably the design method. The main components that will compose it are identified, useful to be able to estimate the future production price and, not less important, which certifications the system will need to be sold. If required, the possibility of starting a patent covering the idea is analyzed. In the conclusive phase we describe the future SAL of development of the product/system, defining for each one times and costs.

This activity of technical analysis and feasibility study is carried out in close synergy with the Customer, with whom we periodically report on the progress of the study. The document produced, once approved by the Customer, will constitute the Supply Contract for the realization of the following activities/phases.

NuZoo Robotics - engineering services, technical analysis and feasibility

SAL2 - Preliminary Prototype (POC)

Following the positive outcome of SAL1 (technical analysis and feasibility study) it will be possible to start the real implementation phase of the engineering services with the design and realization of the Proof of Concept.

Always keeping in mind the final objective established during the Analysis phase, the mechanical and electronic components are designed by CAD and realized, together with the relative firmware, giving life to the first prototype, in order to verify the validity of the analysis previously realized. The functionalities foreseen in SAL1 will be verified and all the strengths and weaknesses emerged will be identified, the first versions of the software that will be used to govern the product will be developed and the activities of Certification and, if foreseen, Patenting will be started.

In the conclusive phase of this activity, functional and stress tests of the system will be carried out, so as to complete the overview of pros and cons of the first prototype realized, in order to be able to intervene at best in the following Sal (Sal3).

SAL2 ends with the delivery of the preliminary prototype, accompanied by all the technical documentation of design, such as CAD3D drawings, wiring and electrical diagrams, software and firmware sources, BOM.

NuZoo Robotics - design engineering services

SAL 3 - Definitive Prototype

The optimization of the preliminary prototype, in the path of realization of the definitive product, is to be considered an intermediate stage.

It's a stage that, after having made treasure of the activities carried out in the previous phase, brings our engineering services to verify the following: consolidation of the first prototype, compactness, care of the design and of the aesthetic details.

At the same time we start to give the right attention to what could be the final costs of the single components that give life to the prototype. At the end of this activity, the prototype is substantially equal to what will be the final product, in terms of shape, size and functionality. In this phase, also the development of the software and/or APP will have reached an almost definitive version.

In the final phase of this activity, as in the previous SAL, functional and stress tests of the system are carried out with the aim of verifying the full satisfaction of what has been realized and it ends with the delivery of the final prototype, accompanied by all the updated technical design documentation.

NuZoo Robotics - advanced engineering services

SAL4 - Industrialization and pre-series start-up

If requested during the design phase, in particular if there are important production batches, the last phase of our engineering services can involve a further stage of Product development, i.e. industrialization and pre-series.

First and real step towards the start of a series production, it is an essential step to verify that the finished product really meets the needs highlighted by the Customer, especially under the industrial profile.

This phase includes a series of tests and, from the results obtained, possible revisions/improvements are defined if necessary. In this way, we will obtain the best product both from a qualitative and economic point of view.

A market scouting is carried out to definitively identify the best components, in relation to quality/price/reliability, to be used and defined the production methods of the individual components, starting from thermoplastic injection molding, 3D printing, laser cutting, thermoforming, choice of small parts to get to the necessary screen printing, manuals, up to the packaging of the product.

This SAL ends with the delivery of a pre-series of products (no longer prototypes) made, and as in the previous SAL, accompanied by all the documentation produced and implemented. This phase also concludes the process of product certification and possible patenting.

NuZoo Robotics - engineering services with industrialization

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