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Three lines of highly customizable robots

Since the moment NuZoo Robotics was founded, the primary goal has always been one: to create innovative solutions in service robotics. Starting from humanoid robotics, the most complex field, we have created the first totally Italian telepresence robot, a robot for video surveillance, two solutions for marketing and communication, as well as a development platform open to any kind of customization.
Service robotics aims at realizing technological solutions aimed at supporting human activities during the performance of their daily task or work. The robot must be able to make simple complex operations, such as the ability to move independently. It must be very simple to use, making interaction with the user as easy as possible.
We have a lot of interdisciplinary experience and, in the field of service robotics, we are sure we can satisfy any kind of request.

Nuzoo Robotics

Robot Ra.Ro.

Ra.Ro. is a robot suitable for carrying out a wide range of activities, from surveillance to the control of environments, to the verification and control of production processes.

NuZoo Robotics - Robot Ra.Ro.

Robot Geko

Geko is a fully open mobile robotics platform designed for third-party application development that can be used in a variety of areas.

NuZoo Robotics - Robot Geko

Robot Eggy

It is a robot designed to relate to the public. It has the strong ability to attract attention, performs popular activities as well as welcoming visitors.

NuZoo Robotics - Robot Eggy

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