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ITT Localization and Tracking

Systems with proprietary RFId technology for surveillance, security and logistics

NuZoo Robotics - Systems for surveillance, security and logistics

A range that offers operational solutions to real problems

ITT is a system of radio modules and controllers based on proprietary RFId technology. Like any IoT or IIoT it allows localization, tracking, control and interaction in defined areas, both indoor and outdoor.

Thanks also to the extreme flexibility of configuration, ITT lends itself to very different uses: from security in the workplace to access control, from the surveillance of Alzheimer's patients (people tracking) to logistics in the industrial environment.

All Nuzoo Robotics solutions are realized with proprietary RFID technology and are widely customizable and easily scalable. With the same ease it is possible to manage from a single Tag up to a few hundred units, ensuring the reading of the same and the security of the data collected.

Operational solutions

Industrial Safety

Prevent accidents, in any work environment, where work or activities that are hazardous to the worker can be detected.

NuZoo Robotics - localization and tracking systems for industrial safety

Social Distance

System of support and control of contacts between workers applicable in every working condition.

NuZoo Robotics - localization and tracking systems for social distancing

The components of ITT 4.0

NuZoo Robotics, components ITT 5.0 TAG


High precision "magnetic" locator, equipped with accelerometer, status LED, buzzer. Programmable, it stores time and processes the collected data. Low consumption and high reliability, thanks to the dual operating frequency. It has a wireless charging system too.

Model: NZ-ITT-T50

NuZoo Robotics, components ITT 4.0 NET


It generates an "interactive cloud", with a variable and impostable size between 100sqm and 1.000sqm, depending on the type of antenna used, and it's capable of activating and locating TAGs thanks to the use of magnetic technology.

Model: NZ-ITT-N10-A

NuZoo Robotics, components ITT 4.0 GATE


It receives data generated by the TAGs and communicates them to the SERVER. Each gate is able to cover a variable area between 300sqm and 1.500sqm, depending on the type of use, with directional signal too.

Model: NZ-ITT-G10-A

NuZoo Robotics, components ITT 4.0 BRIDGE


It receives data from all GATES and controls the entire ITT system. Managed and configured via Web Server and / or Modbus / TCP. Integrates LAN / Wi-Fi.

Model: NZ-ITT-B30

Microsoft Azure Certified
The Bridge is an Azure Certified device
Google Cloud Platform
Compatible with Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure Certified
Compatible with Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure Certified
Compatible with AWS

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